This free online course is for English language teachers around the world. It will help you develop the skills and practices you need for your continuing professional development.

The course itself is highly participative and it will give opportunity to share your own experiences and opinions. You will be able to compare your teaching approaches and experience with other teachers from around the world while discussing different types of knowledge required for a for a teacher.

In this course you will look at four professional practices:

  • Understanding learners
  • Knowing the subject
  • Using inclusive practices
  • Assessing learning

The course draws on the British Council’s many years of expertise in teacher training and development around the world. It will be useful for teachers of English at primary, secondary or higher levels.

Teaching for success: Learning and Learners course is extremely flexible and it will take only two hours of your time per week, over the period of four weeks, so you can practice at any time that suits you. You can sign up for this course from right now until the very last day.