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Road to IELTS is the British Council’s popular online preparation course. It will give you the best possible preparation for your IELTS test. With Road to IELTS you get:

  • Online resources for both the Academic and General Training modules of IELTS 
  • Practice zones with e-books to prepare you for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests 
  • Sample videos with tips from previous candidates 
  • Teacher tutorials highlighting what to do, and what not to do, in your test 
  • Timed practice tests 
  • A “My Progress” section to help you compare your performance with that of other students worldwide 
  • “My Profile” section to remind you of your test date 

How will Road to IELTS help YOU?

Road to IELTS helps you in some important ways:

  • Instant feedback on your performance to monitor your personal progress 
  • Access to the correct answers for practice exercises so you can understand your mistakes 
  • Hints and tips to help improve your test performance 
  • Exercises based on real IELTS test tasks to help you develop confidence before your test 

You can try our Roads to IELTS resources with 10 hours of free study right now.

When you register for an IELTS test with us you’ll be free to enjoy a further 20 hours of learning materials.

Alternatively, you can use Road to IELTS: Full Version with over 120 hours of interactive activities, advice videos from British Council experts, hints and tips on question types as well as downloadable practice tests. Contact us to learn more.