FameLab talks never fail to inspire. Here're the presentations that made it into international final this year.

This year’s International Final was bigger than ever and featured 31 national winners from Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Latvia, Estonia, Mauritius, Uganda, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam.

Winner of FameLab National Final 2017:

Artur Saudabayev 

Topic: What is Blockchain Technology and how it could change the world.

Runner-ups - FameLab National Final 2017:

Adiya Abisheva 

Topic: Computational Social Science

Dias Argandykov 

Topic: Zebrafish: a rising scientific star in medical research.

Finalists – FameLab National Finals 2017:

Aizhan Bestembayeva

Topic: 3D printing in medicine or how polymer implants produced.

Arailym Aldabergenova

Topic: What is the HIV, how is the HIV evolving, transmitting from one country to another.

Kamilla Manakova

Topic: Sleep paralysis or monsters in the dark.

Mukhtar Sadykov

Topic: How DNA is packed and why it is important to know it?

Saltanat Umbetkulova

Topic: Hearing aid technology.

Tomiris Atazhanova

Topic: Why do men have nipples?

Yerbol Zhakupov

Topic: Composite materials: reinforced concrete.

Winner of FameLab International 2017:

Tshiamo Legoale (South Africa)

Tshiamo’s theatrical and interesting talk can be seen here.

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