Future Creative - UK's Cultural Programme at EXPO 2017

The British Council will present the UK’s programme at Astana EXPO 2017, bringing UK contemporary culture to Kazakhstan and promoting cooperation between cultural leaders of Kazakhstan and the UK.

Future Creative will include the following events:

City Nomads exhibition: 27 June - 31 August

City Nomads is a new exhibition of works created jointly by Kazakh craftspeople and designers. All exhibits have the common theme of searching for unique cultural codes typical of a modern-day city nomad.

City Nomads is an attempt to imagine an environment that would surround today’s city nomads. How will their households change? What will they take on journey from city to city, or from country to country? What belongings will they own: contemporary objects from concept stores or symbols of the past? What is more important to a modern-day city nomad: convenience and utility, or authenticity and uniqueness?

The exhibition is taking place at the National museum of Kazakhstan (54 Tauelsizdik ave., Astana) from 27 June to 31 August (Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00-20.00)

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Bring the Happy Innovative Storytelling: July - August

Bring the Happy will help Astana residents and visitors map where they experience happiness in the city and tell the story behind this. The UK’s Invisible Flock Theatre Company will then turn these stories into new theatre for exciting public performances during EXPO 2017. Bring the Happy is an initiative of Invisible Flock, a British interactive art studio known for its creative work with cutting-edge technology. 

From 4 to 28 July, you are invited to put your happy places on the interactive map of the city in the Keruen Trade Centre and share your stories behind them to inspire Invisible Flock.

The best stories will be turned into a theatrical production by Invisible Flock which will be presented to a public from 2 to 3 August at the Astana Music Hall in Astana. Tickets to the performance can be purchased online.

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The energy of sound: 24-29 July

A new Anglo-Kazakhstani musical show, the Energy of Sound brings together the music of British composer Karl Jenkins and the talents of Kazakhstani violinist, Marat Bisengaliev to explore the history of the universe, with innovative visuals and technological support from British and Russian stage managers. 

The show can be seen at the Congress Center Territory EXPO-2017 Astana 24 – 29 July at 18.00.


Salem Astana! is part of Playable City, an international project using urban architecture and “smart city” technology to create new bonds between people and the city.

Inspired by the Hello Lamp Post initiative developed by the UK’s Watershed and Pan Studios, Salem Astana! uses interactive street art to connect residents and visitors to the city and engage them in dialogue. 

The project has been run on five continents and shown in cities as diverse as Bristol and Tokyo. Astana will see it for the first time during EXPO 2017.

London Contemporary Orchestra:  12 August 

The London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) established in 2008 is one of the most innovative and respected musical ensembles in the UK. Known for their mixing of tradition with modernity and combining music and film, LCO will perform ‘Under The Skin’ with top Kazakhstani musicians for one night only on 12 August at the Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall. Experience a concert and a movie like never before!

Tickets can be purchased online.

Events for Future Creative will take place at various venues including the UK Pavilion at EXPO 2017, concert halls, malls and in the streets of Astana.



As part of our EXPO legacy programme, the Astana Conference Series will bring together cultural leaders, creative entrepreneurs and representatives of government, business and civil society to discuss new ways to support the development of the creative economy in Central Asia through deeper partnership and collaboration with the UK.


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UK Pavilion at Astana Expo 2017

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