Crafting Futures supports the future of craft around the globe. This British Council programme strengthens economic, social and cultural development through learning and access. Crafting Futures’ projects support practices and people, through research, collaboration and education.

Through international collaboration, Crafting Futures creates new networks and opportunities for shared learning between the UK and other countries around the globe. The programme supports research and education in craft, ensuring our projects are relevant and the quality of creative practice is preserved and continues to develop.  Crafting Futures offers designers and artisans access to knowledge and expertise, new markets and new audiences, ensuring the value of craft is appreciated more broadly and knowledge can continue to be shared within the sector.

The programme is currently active in East Asia, South Asia and Latin America. The programme is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals: 

  • SDG4: Education and training to develop skills, entrepreneurship and improve the creative quality of crafts. Research and toolkits share knowledge and expertise internationally. 
  • SDG5: Women artisans and communities are economically empowered and valued; 
  • SDG8: Youth engagement builds creativity and innovation for decent work for all and inclusive growth; 
  • SDG10: Reducing inequalities by uniting old and new, handmade and digital, rural and urban, cultural and economic – encouraging parity for all. 
  • SDG12: promotes sustainable and ethical production and consumption for environmental sustainability and circular design; 
  • SDG17: All projects are delivered through international partnerships and collaborative exchanges 


Partnership is central to the programme design and outcomes, which aim to build international collaboration to support the future of craft and address shared global challenges in the sector. In the UK we work a Partner Network and match them with overseas partners to design and deliver projects. 

As we launch the programme in Central Asia and the South Caucasus, we are looking for potential partners who are interested to engage and help us to develop this programme. The programme provides different types of engagement opportunities, including: 

  • Strategic partners, i.e. advisory or cross-promotional 
  • Delivery partners 
  • Research 
  • Showcasing, such as presenting exhibitions of project outcomes
  • Media and content partners 

Nominations, such as for speaking opportunities, showcasing or public programmes it is important that the projects within Crafting Futures are informed by local interests and needs, and we want to provide transparent opportunities for potential partners to engage with this programme. 


Through this Expression of Interest we want to document those partners who are active in the South Caucus and Central Asia and have synergies with the programme. Those who submit an Expression of Interest will be contacted for further stakeholder analysis, and invited to future events to discuss opportunities to collaborate and the shape of the projects. 

We would like to hear from any of the following with an interest in international exchange and collaboration: 

  • Associations, Cooperatives and Unions of artisans
  • National representative bodies for craft, such as crafts councils or government ministries 
  • Organizations which work with designers, craftspeople and artisans, including NGOs
  • Universities, and technical or vocational schools with applied art or design specialisations
  • Museums or other cultural bodies which present craft work
  • Media platforms who feature craft and design 
  • Non-craft focused platforms who work in related fields and have a desire to extend their partnerships in craft, such as fashion weeks, design events, youth/women’s organisations, arts and culture festivals, cultural heritage organisations, etc. 

Please note we are looking for organisational and institutional partners not individuals at this time.  

We will also accept expressions of interest from trade bodies, but please note that the core aim of this programme is not to address trade. 


Please submit an expression of interest document in either English / Russian / Kazakh / Kyrgyz languages addressing the following questions before 10 May 2019: 

  • Background/profile of your organisation and any relevant experience and specialisms;
  • A short statement explaining what interests you about Crafting Futures and how it aligns with the work your organisation does; 
  • A short statement about how you would like to be involved; and 
  • Any further details you feel are relevant 

Expressions of interest can be sent to info@kz.britishcouncil.org with Crafting Futures in the subject of the email (documents should be no more than 5MB) by 10 May 2019.