The British Council in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is announcing a second year of the Creative Producers programme. The programme aims to promote creative producing in Central Asian countries.
Last year as are sult of the programme our participants created StyqFestival – open, experimental platform for arts projects and collaborations. The mission of the festival is to create and promote quality new arts projects through connections, empathy and experiment. We invite new group of creative producers to join Styq festival with new ideas, projects and collaborations.
We invite creative producers who are at the beginning of their career to join the second year of the programme and collaborate with the festival team in Almaty.
You can find out more about the first year of the programme and participants on our website and our YouTube channel. 
We are looking for partners in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan interested in supporting the programme on a long-term basis and contributing to the development of creative producers.
In 2020, the programme will include several stages: 
  • workshops in Almaty and Tashkent with mentors from the UK;
  • development of projects and submission for consideration for implementation (teams formed from participants in the process of master classes);
  • by the end of the workshops the most successful projects will receive financial support for project implementation under the festival umbrella
The Creative Producers programme is international. The working languages used for applications and conducting workshops are English, as well as Russian as the main language of interethnic communication in Central Asia countries.

Who can apply?

  • We are waiting for applications from creative producers who are at the initial stage of their career development (experience no more than 3 years)
  • Representatives of different genres and trends can take part in the programme: art managers and administrators of cultural venues, artists, curators, festival organizers, theater critics and playwrights, directors, dancers, musicians and others with experience of organizing cultural projects;
  • Applicants should give their consent to be required to participate in all stages of the programme (see Key Dates below);
  • We only consider applications that are completed in accordance with the programme requirements (see How to apply section);
  • We expect that successful candidates have their own high-quality audience on social networks,  the ability to make stories / blogs,  the desire to post, the willingness to share their impressions in publications, interviews and (or) blogs with local media at different stages of the programme
Due to the fact that the workshops will be conducted by tutors from the UK with partial involvement of translators, good command of English (preferably level B2 on the CEFR scale) is not required, but it will greatly facilitate the work with tutors and increase the effectiveness of the programme.

Selection process and criteria

The selection of candidates will be done by mentors from the UK together with the British Council team. Based on the applications received, 15 participants in Almaty and 15 in Tashkent will be selected, who will be able to take part in the workshops.
The selection panel will score applications according the following criteria:
  • Application sent according deadline; 
  • Application completed     
  • Experience of the applicant in creating new work; 
  • Early career creative producer;
  • Project relates to Arts;
  • Project idea fits into the content of the festival;
  • The project will make a difference to the sector and/or it will be unique;
  • The project addresses diversity and inclusion
  • The project has a well thought through sustainability and dissemination strategy
  • The project idea has aspirations for engaging with the UK cultural sector
  • It is realistic for the project idea to be realized in the period between January and March 2021 with existing resources and Covid-19 restrictions
  • English fluency;
We are keen to receive applications from people of diverse backgrounds to ensure we have a balanced cohort. 
Following the selection, the British Council will conduct an online interview with short-listed programme participants.

Key Dates

  • October 23, 2020 - deadline for submitting applications for participation in the programme;
  • October 26 – November 5, 2020 - selection of applications and determination of programme participants;
  • November 6–12, 2020 - interviews with selected candidates;
  • November 13, 2020 - announcement of the finalists;
  • November 2020 – first part of educational on-line master classes in Almaty and Tashkent with tutors from the UK (up to 15 participants in Almaty and up to 15 participants in Tashkent);
  • November 2020 – second part of educational on-line master classes in Almaty and Tashkent with tutors from the UK (up to 15 participants in Almaty and up to 15 participants in Tashkent)
  • December 2020 - deadline for finalizing projects and submitting for a project support (a team of participants in master classes);
  • February - March 2021 - implementation of projects within the festivals.

How to apply?

In order to participate in the programme, candidates are required to fill in application following this link. The application will consist of:   

Motivation letter (500 words max). We are interested to understand:

  • How your learning from this programme could be applied to the benefit of your city;
  • Your aspirations for engaging with the UK cultural sector and how you might realise these; 
  • What impact do you think your creative idea could have to the UK creative scene?

Project idea you would like to implement as part of the programme (500 words max);

Please, be prepared to submit your CVs or resumes to the application link, which will show relevant to this programme experience; links to social media accounts where participation in the programme will be covered (personal accounts, or accounts of your projects / organisation where you work);

Please, be prepared to accept the Competition rules by ticking the box below;

Applications must be submitted online by 11:59 pm Almaty 23 October 2020

Partners in Central Asia

We are also looking for partners in Central Asia who would like to support our programme in the long term and contribute to developing creative producing. We are looking for partners who would be interested to take part in the programme at different stages: 
•nominate creative producers from their projects or organisations;
•support future projects created as part of the programme with financial or non-financial resources;
•support the development of creative producing in Central Asian countries in the long term; and
•help to disseminate information about the programme and its outcomes.