Which places in Astana remind you of the happiest moments of your life?   

From 4 to 28 July, you are invited to put your happy places on the interactive map of the city in the Keruen Trade Centre and share your stories behind them to inspire Invisible Flock.

The best stories will be turned into a theatrical production by Invisible Flock which will be presented to a public from 2 to 3 August at the Astana Music Hall in Astana. Tickets to the performance can be purchased online:

Date Price Link
2 August, 19.00 From 2 500 to 5 000 tenge Purchase tickets online
3 August, 19.00 From 2 500 to 5 000 tenge Purchase tickets online

Weekly prize draw

There will be a weekly prize draw among those, who shared their stories. To enter our prize draw, leave your email address at our stand at Keruen shopping centre. Winners will be randomly selected online every week from 4 July to 28 July. Names of the winners will be published on the British Council page on Facebook. 

About Bring the Happy

Bring the Happy is a project of Invisible Flock, a UK interactive art-studio known for their creative works and cutting-edge technology. 

Bring the Happy is composed of two parts:

  • The first part is the interactive map of the city on which Astana’s residents and visitors will map their moments and memories of happiness and leave small comments as to why these places are so important for them, and this part will take a month. 
  • The second part is a theatrical performance, which will be produced by Invisible Flock using the collected memories of happiness, and will be presented at the Astana Music Hall 2 to 3 August.

About Invisible flock

Invisible Flock is an interactive arts organisation based in Leeds, formed in 2009 by three lead artists Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton. Described by the Guardian as “real innovators” of digital and interactive art they are renowned for creating ground breaking hybrid work across forms. Invisible Flock creates artworks that invite people to re-imagine the world they live in and how they participate in it, using technology to incite meaningful encounters.

Invisible Flock’s project in Astana is a part of Future Creative, a UK cultural programme at Expo-2017.

Below you can get a glimpse of a performance: