British Council Kazakhstan invites museums, galleries, exhibition areas and curators from Kazakhstan’s regions to jointly organise multimedia exhibitions under the WE ARE HERE project during 2019. 

As some new communities emerge and others evolve, borders around us change and pressing issues relating to a person’s affiliation and identity become increasingly relevant to our society. What can we learn from history about the power and fragility of collectivism, statehood and internationalism? WE ARE HERE aims to study this issue. 

WE ARE HERE includes five collections of works by British artists who use cinematographic technologies. The British Council will help to organise WE ARE HERE exhibitions at the partners’ premises and provide information support. The British Council is also open for partners’ proposals on organising additional educational events in connection with the exhibitions. 

Benefits for partners:

  • opportunity to host an international multimedia exhibition through which to acquaint the audience in their home cities with the works of modern British artists;
  • cooperation with the British Council’s art experts; and
  • more publicity at local and national levels due to media coverage and advertising in social networks supported by the British Council.

The goal of WE ARE HERE is to understand how modern artists explore the themes of national identity, marginal position of various groups, and promotion of closer relations through the use of biographic and documentary cinematographic genres, poetry and artistic fiction. Emerging and established artists from the UK revise existing concepts and invite us to do the same at a global level.

Participants in the project include Charlotte Prodger (winner of the 2018 Turner Award), Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler (finalists of the 2014 Artes Mundi 6), Rachel Maclean (Scotland’ representative at the 2017 Venice Biennial), Lawrence Lek and Anne Tallentire with their new works.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send your application in any format to in Kazakh, Russian or English. Applications are open until 15 May 2019 inclusive. 


WE ARE HERE has five cinema programmes consisting of artistic compilations and installations; the project’s curator is Tendai John Mutambu. The project is being implemented for the British Council and LUX, an international agency which supports and promotes projects of artists who use cinematographic technologies.

WE ARE HERE collections:


Urgent questions surrounding belonging and identity loom over our communities and institutions.

Themes: European identity, national identity, racial and cultural histories, internationalism, localism vs. globalism

Artists: Callum Hill, Rosalind Nashashibi, Luke Fowler, Morgan Quaintance, Ayo Akingbade, Jeremy Deller, Onyeka Igwe, Rachel Maclean.


These works remind us that amongst the ruins of failed historical projects lies the potential for a vision of the future.

Themes: Marginality and its representation, community, storytelling, world-building, critically reframing histories

Artists: Ayo Akingbade, Duncan Campbell, Susan Hiller, John Akomfrah, Luke Fowler, Samson Kambalu, Rehana Zaman


Drawing from the freedom of intergenerational perspectives, this programme explores lives lived outside the norm and celebrates diverse identities, sexuality and gender.

Themes: Queerness, feminist perspectives, non-normative gender and sexuality, gender-as-performance, desire, intimacy

Artists: Beatrice Gibson, Rehana Zaman, Stephen Sutcliffe, Kenny Macleod, Stuart Marshall, Katharine Meynell, Charlotte Prodger, Margaret Salmon, Gillian Wearing


Through a mix of documentary, (science) fictional and poetic modes, these works bring together incisive views about our environment, urban futures and sustainability.

Themes: The environment, ecologies and cosmologies, climate change, the Anthropocene, colonisation and extractive industries, urban futures and sustainability

Artists: Uriel Orlow, Louis Henderson, Charlotte Prodger, Ben Rivers, Gareth Jones, Lawrence Lek, Bedwyr Williams, Jane and Louise Wilson, Elizabeth Price


These works embody contemporary art’s ability to convey a range of artistic views – through the mediation of still photography, archival material and sound.

Themes: The cinematic experience, film-as-material, obsolescence, degradation, memory and the archive, faction/fiction, representation/abstraction, time and movement

Artists: Ursula Mayer, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, The Otolith Group, Naeem Mohaiemen, Duncan Campbell, Douglas Gordon, Haroon Mirza, Anne Tallentire, Thomson & Craighead