Science Stars winner getting her award
Are you a school or college student interested in science?
British Council, OYLA magazine and Science Fund, with the support of Chevron Kazakhstan, invite you to participate in the science communication competition Science Stars.
We will invite finalists to participate in a Communications Masterclass and the final in Nur-Sultan in March. The best speakers will receive a laptop (1st place) or an iPad (2nd and 3rd place).
Participation rules
1.You must be a school student in Year 9-12 or a college student in 1st-2nd year
2.Record a video, upload it on YouTube or Vimeo (can be in hidden or private mode but giving us access for viewing) and fill out the online application form  on the British Council website before February 29.
The video of you presenting must be:
  • Explaining a scientific theory, invention or project about technology, engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics
  • In Kazakh or Russian
  • Up to 3 minutes long
  • No editing, special effects or background music
  • No PowerPoints, editing, special effects or background music
  • Not involve other people or too many props (you can use a prop that you can carry)
Stuck on ideas?
See the 2018 or 2019 final presentations to get some ideas. Remember, we're not assessing the video quality or your level of Kazakh or Russian — we're looking for:
  • Scientifically accurate
  • If your topic is open to debate, opposing views are explored in your speech
  • Clarity
  • Structured and easy-to-follow for a general audience and jury
  • Charisma
  • An enthusiastic delivery that inspires and entertains the audience and jury
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Winners of Science Stars Science Competition 2018-19:

Winners of Science Stars Science Competition 2017-18: