The English for Success programme is training all English language and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teachers across the Atyrau area in pedagogical approaches for effective teaching and learning of English language and STEM through the medium of English. The STEM teachers trained will gain enhanced pedagogical and reflective skills for STEM education, including improved capability in inquiry and problem-based learning, and action research.  

The training is adopting an innovative supported cascade model. A central core team of teachers from every district, plus staff of Atyrau State University, Atyrau Humanitarian College, Atyrau Humanitarian and Engineering Institute and Orleu are being trained initially; they will then cascade their training to district core teams in each district, who will in turn cascade to all other English and STEM teachers in their school. To support the implementation of the pedagogical approaches in classrooms following training innovative teaching and learning resources are provided on this website.

English for Success is an innovative education project run in partnership by the British Council, Atyrau Education department and the University of Leicester, UK. The project is being funded by TCO.

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