Six specially-trained facilitators will deliver training and workshops for representatives of local authorities and civil society. 

Workshops will centre around various methodologies including enquiry, ‘prioritising’, collaborative working, venturing into Almaty, meeting with local residents to understand local needs, working with private sector companies and leveraging the work of existing social and creative entrepreneurs in the city. 

Workshop name Outcome
Me and You: Identity, Culture and Dialogue Have a strong sense of our own culture and identity
We Together Have a better understanding of how to engage communities; communicate with and enable communities to associate with a cause
Priority Projects Have a better understanding of defining a project
Project Planning Be more effective in tackling social issues in our communities 
Public Private Relationships Realise a more sustainable and successful civil society
User Base for a Project Have an understanding of how to capture and grow value in a project

Our facilitators:

Nadezhda Chervyakova

Nadezhda Chervyakova has over 15 years’ experience of working as a trainer. She specializes in such areas as basics of cultural management, coaching, training for trainers, and gamification.  

Zakhira Begaliyeva

Zakhira has ten years’ experience as a trainer. She has delivered over 40 training sessions on topics including organizational development, project development and management, social partnership, working with the media, and organizing PR and information campaigns.  

Nadezhda Koziyan

Nadezhda is a developer of training programmes on topics including effective communications, realizing your potential, coaching and personal development. She is actively involved in work with local authorities, civil society and social and creative entrepreneurs. 

Zarina Biyumbayeva

Zarina is a project manager with 12-years of experience. She has developed 36 courses on project management in Russian, Kazakh and Chinese, including seven courses for international certification. During her professional career Zarina has delivered training on project management, business planning and social entrepreneurship. 

Nastya Goncharova

Nastya completed a number of training programmes from international experts, and subsequently translated the training into Russian for her working team. Nastya has also developed her own projects, primarily in the area of creative industry: methods of selling creative ideas, effective presentation skills, and the basics of management.  

Farangiza Shukasheva

Farangiza is an active developer of training programmes for campaigns and events in various fields, in particular in education. Farangiza has taken part in a number of international start-up competitions and hackatons that led to her gaining expertise in delivering a wide range of training.