Six specially-trained facilitators will deliver training and workshops for representatives of local authorities and civil society. 

Workshops will centre around various methodologies including enquiry, ‘prioritising’, collaborative working, venturing into Almaty, meeting with local residents to understand local needs, working with private sector companies and leveraging the work of existing social and creative entrepreneurs in the city. 

Workshop name Outcome
Me and You: Identity, Culture and Dialogue Have a strong sense of our own culture and identity
We Together Have a better understanding of how to engage communities; communicate with and enable communities to associate with a cause
Priority Projects Have a better understanding of defining a project
Project Planning Be more effective in tackling social issues in our communities 
Public-Private Relationships Realise a more sustainable and successful civil society
User Base for a Project Have an understanding of how to capture and grow value in a project

Urban Initiatives Workshop

Following a call for applications, the project team selected 75 active residents of Almaty to participate in the Urban Initiatives Workshop, part of the WeAlmaty project. The participants joined interactive training programs designed to them develop their skills for social leadership, promoting civic engagement, effective communication and creation and management of social projects. The seminars are aimed at helping participants launch start-ups to develop the local economy and improve the stability of creative and social entrepreneurship in Almaty. 

The Urban Initiatives Workshop program is based on the Active Citizens program run by the British Council in 54 countries around the world, including countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Participants have the opportunity to learn about how to create and manage social projects, propose and develop their ideas for improving their city, and implement their projects by creating project teams with other workshop participants. Upon completion of the program, the teams will be able to apply for grants of up to €5,000 from the WeAlmaty programme to launch their social projects.

The workshop was delivered by the WeAlmaty project facilitators, who completed training through the Active Citizens Program in Kazakhstan and the UK. The project facilitators are experienced trainers who were selected through a call for applications in summer 2017. 

Learn more about our facilitators.

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